£36m Satellite Capacity Trading Funding Provided

£12.5m Telecommunications Systems Funding Provided

Telecommunications Systems

Funding was provided to facilitate the purchase of a series of virtual network telephony contracts from a London Stock Exchange listed company. These companies provided virtual network services to blue chip companies. Virtual Network Services (‘VNS’) tie together a company’s dispersed locations by providing the lowest cost routing for all telecom services between them. VNS contracts are highly cash generative through their lifetime but VCT capital supported the capital intensive acquisition and inception of each contract.


Satellite Capacity Trading

Between 2006 and 2010 funding was arranged to facilitate the purchase of transmission capacity on HYLAS, a communications satellite for high definition television broadcasting and internet broadband provision, to contribute to the development of broadband to 2.5 million rural homes in the UK. Consistent with Triple Point’s investment model, the security and liquidity of each company was underpinned by a minimum level of contractual cash flow, underwritten by a bank guarantee.