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We are passionate about helping your business grow or enabling you to deliver essential services to your customers, driving positive change in the communities you serve.

We bring together a distinctive combination of skills and experience to deliver private capital solutions which offer creativity, flexibility, and value.

We look for investments that meet our rigorous criteria. This means that we select suitable opportunities from a wide range of sectors, as we look to provide our investors with the best opportunities.

With this aim, our funding arrangements have delivered over £1billion of funding. This has included large-scale renewable energy projects, international technology installations, helping the public sector deliver essential services and provided short-term working capital to small businesses.

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Funding that Creates Value

Social impact growth funding

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative social impact companies with the ability to generate significant capital growth opportunities We focus on early stage growth companies with new but commercially proven products. These businesses should operate in large addressable markets , have the management and resources to scale up significantly, as well as qualify for EIS.

  • Significant Growth Potential

  • Social Impact

  • EIS Eligibility

SME leasing and lending

We help businesses and organisations aquire business critical assets through leasing. One such example is the provision of funding for credit card terminals. An area previously dominated by the high street banks, Triple Point has developed a strong partnership with leading providers in this sector who employ teams to sell financed payment terminals to SMEs. Schedules of agreements are purchased from independent resellers of merchant services SMEs for contract periods of 24 to 60 months. With over 60,000 SME clients, the strength of the portfolio is in the broad spread of counterparties, diverse sectors and high volumes of small value transactions, which means that credit risk is spread over a wide range of SMEs which serves to reduce the impact of any losses that may occur.

  • Over 60,000 SME clients

  • High volumes of small value transactions

Short term working capital finance

We provide Short term working capital finance to small businesses in the form of short term loans typically for periods of up to three months. Usually these loans are provided to businesses as a supplement or a replacement for an overdraft facility. Many SMEs use this facility to expand or purchase stock. It is frequently used as an alternative to bank finance.

  • Supplement or a replacement for an overdraft facility.

  • Alternative to bank finance.

Corporate trade finance

This is a longstanding and well established market, where finance is provided between a company and its customers in respect of amounts due (”receivables”) for goods or a service, supplied. Telecoms call financing is one example in this sector where we have provided funding.

  • Longstanding and well established market

  • Telecoms call financing

Senior debt finance

We arrange and structure senior debt finance in line with the needs of your business. This debt is a company’s first level of liabilities, typically secured by a loan against some type of collateral, making the debt less risky. Our knowledge and experience of both the product and the marketplace enable us to provide unique solutions for all stakeholders.

Secured funding

We provide short term funding to assist businesses to acquire assets in advance of preparation for onward sale; property bridge finance being an example. We look to fund short term bridge finance, with strong security over the property and a low loan to value. The loan is repaid once the developer has long term bank finance in place or has secured an onward scale.

  • Property bridge finance

  • Strong security over the property

Funding charities and social enterprises

Over the last five years, we have partnered with many charities and social enterprises helping to support their objectives and endeavours. We have a track record of successfully funding organisations such as charities related to the NHS, leisure trusts and housing associations.

Infrastructure funding

Since 2004 we have arranged over £600m of investment capital for the SME sector, including over £400m provided to 130 companies qualifying for EIS and VCT tax reliefs. Our sector experience spans digital cinema, satellite capacity communications services, healthcare support services, crematoria, hydro-electric project development, the construction and operation of a range of renewable energy plants, fintech, energy efficiency and innovative agriculture.

  • Over £400m funding provided

  • 130 EIS/VCT companies

Triple Point's multi-disciplined investment team combines in-house expertise with a wide network of trusted external specialists.

Our depth of investment experience and attention to detail enables us to identify and unlock unique opportunities for the businesses we partner with. We match the requirements of private and institutional investors with the needs of carefully vetted businesses, projects, and institutions in both the public and private sectors.

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