Impact Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)  

Maximising Financial Returns through Social Impact


Maximised Financial Returns

Targeting companies with the potential to generate significant capital growth.

Social Impact

Investing in companies that make a measurable and positive contribution to society.


Co-investing with partners to ensure diversity of funding and efficient due diligence


Investing in companies with an aim to exit within 4-7 years.


Targeting investment in 12-18 months.

Business Relief

Investments are expected to qualify for Business Relief after two years following investment.

Capital Gains Tax Free

No capital gains tax is payable on capital gains of EIS investments.


Shares are allotted in 8 to 12 growth companies with a concentration limit of 20%.

The Triple Point Impact is a managed service, targeting significant capital growth by investing in fast-growing, innovative companies that have a positive impact on society and qualify for EIS tax reliefs.

Financial Growth + Social Impact + EIS Tax Relief

The Service invests in companies that make a significant positive contribution to one of our four social themes, with each investor holding a portfolio of 8 to 12 companies.

Financial returns are achieved by investing in unlisted growth companies that are already generating revenue and have the potential to provide a significant capital return over a 4 to 7 year period. Investors also benefit from tax reliefs associated with EIS, including income tax relief of 30%, inheritance tax relief and tax free growth.

Since 2004 Triple Point has arranged over £600m of investment capital for the SME sector, including over £400m provided to 130 companies qualifying for EIS and VCT tax reliefs. Over £240m has been successfully returned to our EIS and VCT investors to date.

We are well known as specialists in the EIS field and have continually delivered on our commitments to EIS investors for over 10 years.

Our sector experience spans digital cinema, satellite capacity communications services, healthcare support services, crematoria, fintech, hydro-electric project development, the construction and operation of a range of renewable energy plants, energy efficiency and innovative agriculture.

Our rigorous investment process has been the key to our success in repeatedly delivering on our investment mandates.


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