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You can choose your own blend of investments in two established companies following two distinct strategies; Navigator and Generations.


Our Estate Planning Service targets returns of 1.5% to 6.0% p.a. (net of annual fees, charges, and corporation tax) depending on your choice of strategy).*


The Service looks to achieve IHT exemption after 2 years compared to other planning options that can take up to 7 years.


You can opt to withdraw all or part of your capital if your plans change.


The Service targets consistent positive performance through full economic cycles that is uncorrelated with traditional equity markets.


Through funding a wide range of businesses and organisations, investors benefit from diversification within their portfolio whilst supporting the UK's economy


Your Investment benefits from an experienced team of dedicated leasing and lending professionals with proven track records in the sector.

Predictable Returns

The Service aims to deliver predictable returns to investors.

Estate Planning Solutions - Investing for Future Generations

Triple Point has available a range of Estate Planning Solutions which can be used to mitigate Inheritance Tax.

Triple Point manages a number of estate planning services, including the Triple Point Estate Planning Service (TPEPS). Investments made through TPEPS are eligible for Business Relief after a maximum of two years and currently provide investors with access to TP Leasing Ltd and/or Navigator Trading Ltd.

Navigator Trading is a fast-growing non-bank lender to the SME sector. It provides business-critical loan and asset finance to a wide range of SMEs.

TP Leasing Limited is a leasing, lending and infrastructure finance business. It focuses on providing a smaller number of high value leases to good quality customers

Navigator Trading Ltd.

Following the Navigator Strategy

  • Lending to businesses
  • UK small and medium sized businesses
  • Targeting a return to investors of 4% to 6% per annum, after all fees and charges

TP Leasing Ltd.

 Following the Generations Strategy

  • Lending to institutions
  • Public sector organisations and good quality companies
  • Targeting a return to investors of 1.5% to 2.5% per annum, after all fees and charges

Estate Planning

Triple Point has extensive experience in arranging funding and lending to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Many of these businesses also qualify for business relief, making them appropriate for the Triple Point Estate Planning Service, which can achieve 100% relief from inheritance tax on the amount invested after a maximum of two years.

The Triple Point Estate Planning Partnership is also open for corporate investors and engages in similar opportunities which can be accessed to meet a range of bespoke investment requirements.